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27 February 1983
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This is the good part.
42, answering rhetorical questions, arrested development, barenaked ladies, beavis and butt-head, billy joel, bluegrass, board games, boston legal, bowling, brother ali, catch phrases, charlie kaufman, chicken noodle soup, chinese food, chocolate milkshakes, christopher nolan, city confidential, continuing to kick ass, cooking, corny jokes, cover songs, crab legs, crawfish, creedence clearwater revival, cuddling, dallas, dallas mavericks, dance dance revolution, david letterman, depeche mode, dexter, doc watson, drums, eavesdropping, el ten eleven, entropy, erasure, eric clapton, ethiopian food, exploring, family, fantasy sports, figuring myself out, fleetwood mac, food, geek pride, google, greg proops, guided by voices, guitar, guitar hero, gyros, happiness, harry potter, harvey danger, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, holy fuck, hot chocolate, house m.d., humanism, hurricanes, idaho (the band), indian food, inside jokes, insignificant details, interesting people, iron and wine, iron chef (japanese version), jeopardy!, jim gaffigan, john grisham, john wesley harding, jose gonzalez, josh rouse, judaism, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, listening, live music, math, meteorology, mexican food, miniature golf, mitch hedberg, mocean worker, modern art, movies, moving units, music, my cats, netflix, nick hornby, observing, optimism, organ meats, patrice leconte, people, people watching, personal space, personality tests, philip k. dick, pho, politics, pop culture, puns, quirks, quiz shows, r.e.m., radar bros, rammstein, reading, red house painters, rodrigo y gabriela, salt lake city, sarcasm, science, seafood, sega dreamcast, seinfeld, shift work, six feet under, sleep, snowboarding, soup, sparkling water, star trek: tng, statistics, sun kil moon, sushi, taking pictures, talking to myself, tennis, texas a&m university, the critic, the hold steady, the urge, the who, thermodynamics, they might be giants, tortilla soup, trivia, tropical cyclones, useless facts, vodka, weather, weird al yankovic, wine, witty banter, you

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